Recommendation Letter
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October 31, 2014

Dear Sir/ Ma'am,

My name is Richard Green, Senior Project Manager representing J Track, LLC. I had the opportunity to work with Alessandro Diaz on the construction of the $850 million NYPD Police Academy in the College Point, Queens, NY.

Alessandro Diaz worked under my direct supervision as project manager on this project. He managed a section of the related (Division 05) Metals and (Division 08) Glazing and Curtain-wall Systems portion of the said project under our Sub Contract BP 110 package. He was diligent as his duties as manager, overseeing the subcontractors related to his responsibilities. He managed the Early Warning System and brought to our attention any discrepancies that may impact the project schedule before they occurred. He was able to forecast potential delays and made resolution recommendations on the detailed MS project schedule and wrote RFIs requiring clarification by the Design Team in a timely manner. He personally visited the warehouses storing the curtain wall systems and orchestrated the sequence of delivery and installation of all related items. He is an intelligent and gifted person with a keen focus in getting the project done as efficiently and effectively as possible. I would recommend him highly in any capacity as project manager and look forward to working together in the future.


Richard Green
Senior Project Manager

J Track LLC